2013 Chili Cookoff

Time again for our annual Chili Cookoff!

Rules are simple:
1) Bring a pot of chili – or – just come to taste if you can’t cook
2) Bring $5.00 (singles are appreciated!)
3) Taste and vote!

Anyone bringing a pot of chili needs to come up with a creative name for it to keep the judging as anonymous as possible. Create your own sign or we’ll have blank ones ready.

Voting: We will provide a voting card so you can pick your top 4 chilis and award 10, 7, 4, and 2 points respectively.

Prizes: First place gets 60% of the pot, 30% for second place, and 10% for third.

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One Response to 2013 Chili Cookoff

  1. rob says:

    Three more days until the cookoff! Hope you’ve perfected your chili…I bet competition will be tough this year.

    Just a reminder of the rules: bring $5 (singles helps) to vote whether you make chili or not. Top 4 chilis get assigned 10, 7, 4, and 2 points. Come up with a creative NAME for your chili – make a SIGN if you want!

    If you don’t mind sharing, bring your RECIPE! I can copy and post it on the site unless you want to keep it secret. It will also help people to determine the “most creative ingredients” winner.

    We’ll provide tasting cups, bowls, spoons, power strips, and a warm house. You bring $5, chili (if you can cook), a serving ladle, and beverages. Any extras that you think need to be included in your tasting (onions, cheese, crackers, garnish, etc) please bring along and display.

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